Using Manage Backup Settings (Managing Backup on Windows)

Configure Backup On Windows

When you install dewDrive on a computer you are taken through the set up process.

During this set up process dewDrive will automatically start backing up your Desktop, Documents, Movies, Music and Pictures folders, but you can amend this and add new folders or remove any of them.


1. Once dewDrive is installed, click on the dewDrive icon on your toolbar located near the date and time 

2. Click on Settings and then select Backup Selection

To remove folders

3. Untick the folder you want to remove from the Backup set.

4. Click Apply

To add folders

3. Click Add another folder and browse to the folders that you want to be backed

4. Click Add

5. The apply button will remain greyed out, this is because the folder is added when you press Add you do not need to confirm.

Please note: dewDrive only stores data folders (documents, music, videos, pictures). We do not backup or store backups of entire hard drives, system files or folders, applications, etc.

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