How to Backup Tally ?

It is very simple to backup tally data with dewDrive.

1) Find where the tally data is stored    - *(Read bellow to find data folder)

2) Right click on the tally data or the folder (eg:- music ) you want to backup 

3) click ok Backup this item now 


4) From now all you tally data folder  is safe 

PS:- It is set to backup up every hour by default, which is highly recommended 
       Your first backup will always take some time to backup completely 

* If you don’t know where tally data stored ?

Mostly the data folder source will be the current data location of tally software, (by default C:\Users\Public\Tally.ERP9\Data) This will selected automatically by tally.

If not go to Gateway of Tally >F12 Configuration > Data Configuration


   this is where you can find it ..

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